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Posted: Wednesday 18 August, 2010

by Rosemary at 7:40am in Equines Comments closed

Our second new arrival yesterday was Sheba, our neighbour's 23 year old Fell mare. We planned to put Sheba in the centre of the track, with the boys on the outside so that they could get used to each other but we decided to just go for it, following a risk assessment i.e. none of them are shod and they all like eating!

After about ten minutes of squealing, bouncing and cantering around, they settled down to much the rose foliags and hips. Bugsy likes Sheba a lot; Smokey is a bit more reserved - I think he sees his short spell as top horse ending.

When I checked them last night, they were all grazing together. I did take some video, but forgot the zoom, so it's not very good! I'll try and get more over the next few days.

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