The Chariot

Now I needed a cart, but couldn’t afford one. I looked at the “saddle chariot” and thought it was wonderful, but way out of my price range, so I built a wooden chariot out of scrap wood.

The chariot in the workshopThe chariot in the workshop.

Spiller took to shafts without any prior preparation.

Chariot first fitFirst fit of the chariot - needs some adjustment.

Unfortunately I fitted the shafts to the height of the harness, which turned out to be incorrect, so another alteration to both harness and shafts was called for.

Final adjustments made to chariotFinal adjustments made. Note how the shafts have been dropped.
The red line is the balance point.

The final fittingThe final fitting revealed a change needed to the swingle.

When it was all fitted it looked OK, but the swingle didn’t have enough movement so was altered to above the front crossbar. I then wanted to move some muck, so fitted a tow ball and attached a small cart that used to be used with a garden tractor.

Spiller, chariot and trailerSpiller, the chariot and the trailer.

Unfortunately I haven’t any pictures of the chariot being ridden with a charioteer, but that is great fun. I have even slid it round a right angle corner while Spiller was cantering. That wasn’t entirely intentional, but he has trotted with it for a few miles on rough bridleways.

Richard Petter

About Richard Petter

Richard is an ex dairy farmer from the north Riding. Now retired, Richard has a smallholding of 5 acres in North Lincs where he keeps sheep, goats, two Shetlands and inevitably some hens!

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