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Posted: Monday 12 December, 2022

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Monday 5th December

Winterfest preparations are underway. The decorations are going up in stages. There have been years when the last stage of going up has coincided with the first stages of coming down (which is generally just one stage). Lights are great but, jings, batteries are expensive!

Tuesday 6th December

Much colder today; wee bit of frost this morning but clear sky tonight and cold. Need to find gloves.

Out and about doing a pile of jobs, like posting the cards and dropping eggs into the food bank. Then scone and hot chocolate with my daughter then straight to my chum, Janet’s for a cuppa and a blether.

Blizzard is lame – off hind. Fab.

Ponies had their fence moved today.

poniesFresh, if coarse, grass.

The fields are now pretty dry - there's no wtaer under the ice.

iceSurface ice only.

Wednesday 7th December

Gwenna had her first hydrotherapy session today. She swam well – lots of good back leg movement, but she was plainly a bit anxious. However, once she got out the water, she relaxed really quickly. Next session in two weeks.

Thursday 8th December

Got the vet out to Blizzard, so she’s had antibiotics and Metacam. We’ll see how she goes on.

Walking the dogs today, I wasthinking that ScoGovshoudl make biodegradable tree pretectors compulsory for any grant funded tree planting.

plasticHideous plastic tree guards.

Friday 9th December

Blizzard doesn’t seem any better, so I’ve messaged the foot trimmer.

It’s almost five years since Tom joined our family. He’s come a long way in that time.He wants to play but sadly, he's whacked the dogs so many times,  that'snot likely to happen. Diesel plays with him though.

TomTom and Gwenna.

Saturday 10th December

Icy first thing, then milder with some sleety showers. Dan and Andy tidied up wood store. They were going for more wood but it was miserable weather so decided to leave it for now. We've plenty for this year.

Blizzard is maybe a bit better.

Sunday 11th December

Very cold, very icy. We had a lot of precipitation overnight – rain here but snow up at Guildy – so any road salt has been washed away then the water has frozen. Kate and I took Astrid to have breakfast with Santa. Fab.

astridMeeting Santa.

Blizzard is definitely much improved.

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