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Posted: Tuesday 6 December, 2022

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Monday 28th November

Beautiful day.

Bertie had a productive night in the feed store. We know this because there was a pile of cat sick with a dead mouse in it this morning.

Tom had his annual visit to the vet. His teeth aren’t fab, but they don’t need work this year. He had them scaled and polished just a year ago.

Tuesday 29th November

I moved the ponies’ electric fence. They do leave a tidy edge.
edgeA tidy edge.

Wednesday 30th November

The dogs have made a den under my desk.

denThe den.

Thursday 1st December

I made a start on the freezers – defrosting and reorganising. The wee under-counter one in the kitchen was first.

Friday 2nd December

Dan and I had lunch at the Guardbridge Inn, after collecting the three bowls he made on his pottery course. I am well impressed.

bowlsDan's bowls.

On to the upright freezer today – it now has all the fruit and the peas. Loads of cooked apple.

Saturday 3rd December

Finally finished the freezers. Managed to shut down another of the four chest freezers. We have eight chickens left, a lot of rabbit for the dogs and a lot of hogget and mutton for us. I found one little pack of lamb’s liver – that’s mine.

Sunday 4th December

Last apple press of the year; Dan’s going to crush the remaining apples for the cattle, which love it.

pressFinal pressing of 2022.

It doesn’t feel awfully cold, but the ice I threw out the freezer yesterday morning is virtually unchanged. Andy and Dan cut some wood; as areward, I cut the Creole CHristmascake. It's like dumpling. Weird, but tates amazing. Had it with custard for pudding this evening.

iceMust be colder than we thought.

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