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Posted: Monday 15 September, 2008

by Rosemary at 7:18pm in Poultry Comments closed

Yesterday was lovely - warm, still, sunny, but autumnal. You know how the light changes and there's just something in the air? The trees are starting to change to gold and red now - and I get the urge to prepare for winter. I think in a previous life, I must have lived somewhere where battening down the hatches was truly required.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to rationalise the hens i.e. let Cheeky Chick, the Cuckoo Maran and his / her mommy out of their run. I was confident that mommy would look after Cheeky - but no! She set Cheeky to scratch around the base of one of the trees and then legged it with her pals! Cheeky had a great time - I kept checking on him / her - I'll use the feminine so that she'll be a girl! - but come bedtime, she went all alone into her big empty coop. Mommy had gone off with the big girls.

So Cheeky is now in with the Chip and his Legbars. They're all in a new situation so there's no bullying - and Cheeky is almost as big as the smallest Legbar. I'm happy that she's safe and has company her own age! Chip gets along fine with all of them, so we'll see how they go on.

Oh, and we have 14 baby Black Rocks - a stowaway! Now where are they going to live...

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