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Posted: Sunday 21 September, 2008

by Rosemary at 7:39pm in Anything goes 1 comment Comments closed

It has been the most lovely day here today - blue sky, warm, calm. Naturally, we've been taking advantage of this; Dan's lifted the potatoes, I've cleaned out the small patio bed and the containers on it. I've tidied the garage a bit and cleaned out the hen houses. It has been most pleasant.

However, I should learn not to get cross. Meg's a lovely dog in many respects but she can be intensely irritating. If you are busy, she wuffs to get your attention and the wuff gets higher and higher in pitch if you don't respond. I was emptying containers today and she was wuffing; I told her crossly to "be quiet" (or similar) as I banged a pot empty; I banged it so hard it bounced back and hit me squarely on the nose; then the leg of my spectacles fell off.

Fortunately, I managed to find the little screw and my nose is only bruised, but that's a lesson in keeping one's temper!



Wednesday 24 September, 2008 at 9:09am

sorry about your nose, and I'm sorry I'm having a good laugh about it too........

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