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Posted: Saturday 13 September, 2008

by Rosemary at 9:14pm in Cattle 2 comments Add your own

I hoped to meet Popcorn today, but due to Blue Tongue restrictions, she wasn't able to come to Carlisle. Curious?

Popcorn is a three year old Irish Moiled x Jersey cow, well handled, nicely marked, used to being hand milked and in calf to an Irish Moiled bull. The perfect smallholder's cow. She was included in the catalogue for today's rare breed sale at Carlisle, but because of BT restrictions - she's in Scotland outside the BT protection zone and Carlisle is in it, she wasn't brought down. If she hadn't been sold, she couldn't have been taken home and she couldn't have been bought by anyone in Scotalnd or Ireland unless she was vaccinated - at least that's my understanding. So we only had photos of Popcorn - which is maybe just as well...

I had to hide my buyer number from Claire in case she bought Tottie, a castrated male pygmy goat. He was about the size of our dogs and very cute, and Claire did say he could sit on her knee on the way home but I made sure she didn't do anything rash! I do hope he went to a good home.


Denise Newey

Sunday 14 September, 2008 at 9:30pm

Hi Rosemary,

The whole Blue Tongue restriction thing is causing all sorts of problems for people North of the Boarder. The whole of England is in the protection zone, so we can all vacinate our stock, but the down side is that farmers can now import animals from Europe and already Blue Tongue has been found in imported stock, some not too far from where I live. Everyone is asking how can any farmer be so stupid!! But if you stop farmers importing stock we will be accused of restrictive practices, but I bet if a french farmer imported an animal from this country (from the protection zone) and it tested for Blue Tongue, the French and the rest of Europe no doubt, would ban all imports from this country.

Hope you get you cow sooner or later.

Denise Newey


Monday 15 September, 2008 at 10:23am

I follow your daily doings with great interest and am sorely disapointed when you don't blog. I have had chickens since May and I hope to become as adventurous as you!

Sheila x

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