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Corn / Tatties / Mincemeat

Monday 4 September, 2023

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Monday 28th August

Lovely day; warm (20C) and still and sunny. But the light has changed and it feels autumnal. Can’t believe we’ll be into September this week. It’s been a very good summer for us.

Today is office day, so head down and get on. I had to do some messages in town so I took the opportunity to purchase my 2024 diary. It’s so lovely. All those fresh pages.

diaryBraw new diary.

Harvest / Apples / Orchids

Monday 28 August, 2023

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Monday 21st August

Lovely day; warm (20C) and still and sunny. But today is office day, so head down and get on.

The hens had some corn cobs. Happy girls.

hensA treat of corn cobs.

Tuesday 22nd August

Much the same as yesterday except that Rebecca, Tara and I went to see “Barbie”.

Love / Sweet peas / Electric wire

Monday 21 August, 2023

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Monday 14th August

Blizzard and Grey totally loved up today.

greyThe happy couple.

Tuesday 15th August

Had a lovely couple here today to look at Baby and Bronte and their calves with a view to buy. I’d be very happy for this sale to take place.

Visited a local garden centre with our daughter for a cuppa and a scone; took more photos of plants I like, for inclusion in the new front garden.

Stumps / Sweetcorn / Grey

Monday 14 August, 2023

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Monday 7th August

Having no sheep has made such a difference to our grass supply – and the weather this year has helped. I’m trying to move the cattle round the five paddocks on a weekly basis but because they have access to the shed during the day, we only have one electric fence and the layout of the paddocks, it’s not always possible to exclude them from Near Ditch. But we’re doing our best. The ponies will be in Near Ditch in the winter, so will hopefuly reduce any worms on the sward.

Genetsran / PCHS / Orkney

Monday 7 August, 2023

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Monday 24th July

Today was blood sampling day for the cattle. Calves had samples taken for BVD testing and the cows and bull had samples taken for disease testing for the Premium Cattle Health Scheme. And *whispers* we tagged the three remaining calves. The four cows were jagged with Genestran to bring them back into season, then they were all turned out, along with Grey, who was very, very happy. Now he gets extra sex.

It all went fine; I get really anxious and overthink it, even though we’ve done it multiple times. Results won’t be back or two weeks; assuming they are OK, I can then advertise Baby and Bronte and their calves for sale.

Harvest / Grass / Pears

Monday 24 July, 2023

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Tuesday 18th July

Blackcurrants and white currants. I didn’t even know we HAD white currants here.

Wednesday 19th July

We killed and cleaned this year’s meat birds today. We bought 12 day olds; lost one a couple of days in and one at maybe six weeks. So ten to kill; total cleaned weight 28.09kg, average 2.81kg, top weight 3.68kg, bottom weight 2.42kg. Sadly, I didn’t keep very good notes of inputs – feed mainly – but the price has rocketed. I reckon that each bird cost about £10 to raise.

Grey / Kirriemuir / Harvest

Tuesday 18 July, 2023

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Wednesday 12th July

We shut Grey in his pen today. It’s quite big, with plenty hay and water, a salt lick; he gets fed twice a day, so he can be tied up for mucking out and replenishing hay and water. But he’s not a happy boy without his herd. But it’s only until the 24th July, when we’ll be doing our PCHS blood testing on the cows and Grey, BVD blood testing of the calves and jagging the cows to bring them back into season. The he gets out for extra sex. No gain without pain.


Tuesday 11 July, 2023

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Monday 3rd July

The recent rain and sun combo have made the vegetable garden burgeon. And the weeds.

veg gardenEverything is growing!

Must get the blueberries covered.


Highland Show / Strawberries / Toes

Sunday 2 July, 2023

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Monday 19th June

There’s been a fair bit or rain overnight; today has been intermittent cloud and sun, and windy.

Dentist this morning – nothing needing done, thankfully. I’ve spent most of the day at my desk doing Festival stuff and other bits and pieces.

Dan moved two sinks from the patio to the classroom door. I will plant them up with geraniums or something equally hardy.

Pleasingly, Skip had drawn Socks into his sugar beet addiction.

Doors / Docks / Rain

Monday 19 June, 2023

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Monday 12th June

Rain early this morning, and then warm sun so hopefully the grass will get a bit of a boost.

Dan spent an hour in the sunken garden. Found a pipe. Don’t know where it goes or what it’s for, so we shall leave it undisturbed.

Office day and a Zoom call, then a meeting in Arbroath in the evening.  My head’s a bit all over the place – I received a message from the son of an old friend to say that his sister, her daughter, had died. L was thirty-eight years old and she leaves a seven-year-old daughter.  I’ve known the family since the late 1990s and they are the best and nicest people. Funeral is tomorrow. Dan and I will go.  L was so full of life and joy and adored her daughter; she was a talented singer and dancer; she could probably have been a professional but chose instead to become a teacher. She sang at our wedding – “One hand, one heart” from “West Side Story” and “Secret Love” from “Calamity Jane”. She will be so missed. A light has gone out.

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