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Posted: Monday 21 November, 2022

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Monday 14th November

Nothing quite went to plan today. Having started the Christmas puddings, I then discovered that we had no pudding basins – our old ones had become crazed and cracked and I decided it was time for new ones, except I discarded the old ones and forgot to buy new – so steaming is delayed again. I just keep adding a slosh of cherry brandy to the mix.

Picked tomatoes – there are still quite a lot left and they are delicious but I will have to clean out the polytunnel soon. There are a few pears left on the tree and plenty sprouts.

pearsThe last of the pears.

sproutsPlenty sprouts left.

I seem to have taken on so much voluntary work, I can’t get as much time outside as I need / would like. The weather’s pretty poor though, so at least I can keep busy.

Tuesday 15th November

Went for hay; a bale is lasting the cows about eight days. Moved the ponies’ hayrack out of sheepfold. Heavy rain forecast, so it’s better out of the mud now.

Wednesday 16th November

Decided to put some grass seed on the bare bits of the pig pen but the box I kept it in was breached and it had all rotted. Maybe an omen and I’ll leave it until spring.

Lifted the mats on the walkway into the barn. We had it laid with Type 1 and fenced few years ago to make livestock access and egress form barn to fields easier and safer. But the cows in particular hate the Type 1 so we put down some spare horse mats, and they have worked fine. Since the cows are in, it’s a good chance to get the mats lifted and cleaned – bit of a messy job but the day was fine and I have new waterproof trousers. When I relay them, I’ll add another mat we have lying in the barn and maybe invest in another couple to cover the walkway completely. The winter weather will complete the cleaning.

walkwayCleaning up the walkway.

Thursday 17th November

My, oh my. Biblical rain. Only the essentials done today. We’re going to be underwater tomorrow. Still, the mats from the walkway are sparkling,

poniesPonies sheltering from the deluge.

Friday 18th November

Fields are pretty wet but I am fairly unstressed. I think it’s because we have no sheep to worry about. The cattle are in, the ponies are in the front garden, which has good shelter and lots of grazing / browse. The hens have the worst of it but Dan’s put down some plastic pallets so that they have dry feet for at least some of the time.

HomeBit of water lying.

Saturday 19th November

Outside for a bit of a tidy up but it’s still pretty horrible.

Sunday 20th November

Much nicer day today – colder, but dry and some sunshine. Had two good walks with the dogs because the Buddon was open. The waters are receding a bit.

blueskiesA bit of blue down the Buddon.

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