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Posted: Sunday 13 November, 2022

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Monday 7th November

Farrier out to trim Smokey’s feet. He was a very good boy. I’m wondering if he’s staring to be a bit stiff in his hind legs.

Was supposed to take Diesel to the vet for his annual check up this afternoon. 2pm, no Diesel. New appointment made for Wednesday morning. He’s usually snoozing it up in the morning. Bloody cat.

Tuesday 8th November

Had my Covid and flu jags this afternoon. Can I swing a duvet day tomorrow?

Wednesday 9th November

No duvet day. Actually, I feel fine apart from some tenderness at the injection site on my left arm.

Caught Diesel and presented him to the vet at 9.15am. He’s fine.

Took Gwenna to the physio this afternoon; she’s doing well and starts hydrotherapy in a fortnight.

Thursday 10th November

The cattle are settling into their new routine. I do love ‘em. My ladies-in-waiting.

cowsltor Bronte, Baby, Aurora, Blizzard

BronteBronte, my wee redhead.

GreyGrey has his own accommodation.

Moved the electric fence to give the ponies more field. They’re going a pretty good job of eating off the tufty grass. We made four paddocks out of one field and they are all quite different – which I can only put down to different grazing regimes. Far Top gets grazed least because it’s a pain to bring the cows in from for milking.

The dogs had a ball at the all you can eat buffet. I think if they are fed rabbit, they crave fibre.  Wish they'd just eat All Bran.

dogsWelcome to the Dalmore all-you-can-eat buffet.

Friday 11th November

It says it’s 16C on the car thermometer. My garden To Do list says lift dahlias after first frost. Wonder when that’s likely to be. It’s nice to work outside in shirt sleeves but it’s no right.

Picked up out half pig from the butcher. Really not sure that it’s cost effective with prices rising the way they are, but where would we get better pork?

Saturday 12th November

Soooo warm again. I was picking raspberries this afternoon. Need to get better support in next year – we’ve lost a lot because the canes have collapsed and the fruit has rotted. Still, nice to have fresh raspberries in November.

raspberriesRaspberries Joan J, and more to come.

Dan did some strimming in the vegetable garden and some much needed repairs to the polytunnel. It’s about ten years since we put the cover on but it’s still in pretty good condition. Hs last job was a pressing of apples. Saturn this time; we’re still getting a good few Bramleys too. I should probably make another batch of mincemeat.

Started my Christmas puddings but I’m short of ingredients, so it’ll have to wait until Monday, when I go shopping.

Finally got round to cleaning out the pig ark and tidying up the pig pen. Ready for next year. Maybe. One of the pig club has already said he can’t afford to do it next year.

Sunday 13th November

Bit dreich this morning and colder than it’s been, but still mild for the time of year.


Dan went off to empty the muck trailer first thing then took the perches out of the empty hen house and put them on the bonfire. I’ll get it cleaned out this week. There’s a leak that needs to be sorted or it’s going to rot. He found a nest in the wood store.

nestNest in the wood store.

I’ve spent the day doing a number of wee jobs that have been on the list for a while. Much satisfaction for not much effort.

We have so many tomatoes. I picked some today and will pick more tomorrow for the food bank.

One of the wee jobs was repairing the tablecover for the “Dalmore Croft” table at the Festival. I mistakenly cut up the middle. Bizarre. Anyway, now repaired and the sewing box, such as it is, tidied out. I don’t have many regrets but one is not keeping my Mum’s button box. It was a cylindrical tin, maybe 10” high, and it celebrated the marriage of the late Queen and Prince Philip. I can see it in my mind’s eye. She had loads of lovely buttons. I used to play with them when I was wee, sorting them into colours and shapes. Who needs toys when you have a good button box.

sewingFirst repair.

Also started to repair my working jeans. I’m hoping to get two repaired pairs out of three, in a spirit of economy and care for the environment. It may take some time.


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