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Posted: Monday 15 November, 2021

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Monday 8th November

No body part dreams so slept until 6.30am.  Cows were in then, so shut them in, checked Blizzard (fine) and gave them some beep pulp, while I brought in the ponies. Managed to give Bronte a scratch, which was a first. Then I opened the gates so they can loaf outside. It’s a nice day – cool, but dry and still.

Puddings steaming and cake in the oven by 10am, then into the office until lunchtime.

Wednesday 10th November

Beautiful morning! Long may it continue.

The folk that are buying Annie and Rosie are happy to wait until Rosie is settled with them before getting her in calf. I think this is sensible. I’ve knocked a bit off the price. I’ve asked the foot trimmer to come and give them a pedicure before they go and he’s coming Sunday morning.

Took Diesel to the vet for his annual check and booster. He’s fine and had a lovely time helping the vet type up her notes. He’s not a good traveller though and yowled all the way there and all the way back.

Thursday 11th November

We had our Smartmeter fitted today. Hopefully, this will help us reduce our electricity consumption. I fear I may get paranoid about turning off lights.

Foot trimmer came today while the Smartmeter was being fitted – fortunately he has a generator on his truck, because it was dark when he arrived. When he left us, he was off to another job. He works so hard and he’s such a lovely bloke.

Saturday 13th November

Dan and I sorted out the ewes this morning because the Mighty Murray is coming tomorrow.  This meant than Bean, our homebred BFL tup lamb, got his raddle on and put in with Kit and Scoot, two of our three Shetlands. We decided not to put Bambi in; she’s never been served so we thing she has a hormone issue and she was squaring up to Bean. So, he has two girls – both of whom know what it’s all about.

After lunch, we bedded the trailer, ready for Dan to head to Cumbria to pick up Grey, our new bull, tomorrow Then we built his pen, all ready for him. The cows weren’t all that keen to come in this afternoon – they knew something was up.

Sunday 14th November

Had a terrible night’s sleep – there was some very noisy work going on at the level crossing overnight. Dan set off at 9am for Cumbria. The plan was to do a trailer to trailer transfer; Ruth also bought a bull calf from the same breeder in Yorkshire, so she was bringing both as far as Cumbria, where she’s based, and we were collecting Grey from there. It was very good of her indeed and saved us a lot of time and fuel. Her boy was a bit frisky, so they decided to go to Ruth’s place to unload and reload Grey. Dan said Grey was quite calm (hope he stays that way.) He’s now safely home and penned – nothing wrong with his lungs. Paperwork done, now have to arrange a TB test.

Dan’s folks went off on holiday this morning so I’ve had the place to myself. I put my Creole Christmas cake in the oven at 9am – takes three plus hours – then tidied up and went out into the garden. I had made myself quite a detailed to do list and basically worked through it from start to almost- finish. I finally lifted the dahlias and other plants out of the containers at the back door and replanted with tulips and wallflower. These are now on Meg’s patio. And at the back door, I’ve started my festive arrangement. I always have lots of plans for what I’d like to do for the festive season, but I rarely do them, mainly because I can’t decide what to do and just faff about until it's all over.

Bean was quick off the mark – Kit didn’t just have a yellow bum this morning, she was mostly yellow. Alistair and Janet dropped Murray off at lunchtime, so he’s out with the three black BFLs and two Coloured Ryelands. I’ll be surprised if Molly gets in lamb – she’s lambed before but I didn’t put her to the tup last year, which was probably a mistake as she’s now very fat. Astrid is just a gimmer, so should be fine. No.3 had a yellow bum by teatime.

Bambi and the four 2021 lambs are in the wee pen by the byre; Niamh is in with the cows but that group will be moving tomorrow, round by the caravan. Not much grass but I’ll stick a puckle hay out for them.

Sorry no photos this week - working on the laptop and I can't get the photo stuff to work. Trust me, you'll be sick of photos of Grey soon.

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