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Posted: Monday 11 January, 2021

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Monday 4th January

Horrible morning – cold but not frosty, icy underfoot, damp, grey. I could go on.  Dan’s back to work at his desk, but took a load of manure to the local allotments first. And he gave me a hand mucking out the cattle.  That’s love.

We’re both feeling a bit coldy so honey and lemon is the drink for today.

Ave’s lame – off fore.

Tuesday 5th January

Turning the lights on and off in the barn is an obstacle course. Looking forward to getting the feed store right then the byre, then the barn.

barnThe barn obstacle course.

Saturday 9th January

Trip to the skip, double trip for hay and a load of manure taken to the farm – that was Dan’s morning, while I was doing the feeding and mucking out.

After lunch, Dan put the first coat of paint on the feed store floor. Hmmm, it’s not Ronseal –not really doing what it says on the tin and the coverage estimates were a tad optimistic. We’ll see what it’s like in the morning.

Sunday 10th January

We need to get more floor paint and just be patient. Better to do it right – because we’re not planning to do it again. Dan gave a second coat to one area, with what paint he had left, and it improves it a lot. Hey ho, was so excited about getting moved in this week. Still, delayed gratification is good for you.

floorFeed store floor.

Took hay to East Pitkerro but the yard was so frozen, we couldn’t unload it. We had to put bags of hay in for the steers from the emergency bale – and Dan’ll go back tomorrow or Tuesday and put more in.  We’re in a bit of a thaw but that yard’s going to take a bit to clear.

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