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Posted: Monday 18 January, 2021

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Thursday 14th January

No diary entries for the first three days because I was on holiday. At home, but on holiday. Dan and I should have been in Anstruther for a week but with the Covid restrictions, of course, we couldn’t go. Tara had taken time of work to look after the smallholding – and it seemed a shame to disappoint her – so I had three days off. Hardly crossed the doorstep except Tuesday when we took hay to East Pitkerro. Read, built Lego, did do some SCBA stuff – but you know, I really feel the benefit.

So today was just a catch up – cleaned out the hen’s caravan, which was disgusting; Graham was here to put the window in and seal the door and window panel – and put up the rug, saddle and bridle racks, whiteboard, shelf and paper dispenser. It looks great. The floor paint arrived; the area with the second coat still isn’t dry so Dan’s put in a fan heater to speed it up. Dan’s planning to finish the floor on Saturday – then I reckon it will be a week before we can get in.

racksMan and spirit level in perfect harmony

Friday 15th January

Felt a bit spring-like today. Lots of bulbs coming through in the garden, there was a nice light breeze and it wasn’t too cold (although it was pretty grey and overcast).

Had to do Monday’s paperwork. That’s what you get for having time off.

Saturday 16th January

Lovely day – bright sunshine and a brisk breeze, hopefully drying things up. Dan took a load of manure to the farm.

Almost caught up with paperwork. I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to our catle herd health plan and have asked my vet to review it with me; I’m also having the breeding cattle  blood tested for IBR, Lepto, Johne’s and Neospora, with a view to getting full health accreditation. SCBA is starting to promote health planning, so I feel I should lead by example.

Sunday 17th January

Another pleasant morning – dry, light cloud and after an initial frost, quite mild.

Aurora was given her second dose of Bravoxin – she was really pretty co-operative , then we jagged the nine ewes and gave them a flukicide.  The scanner is coming next week – I wasn’t going to have them scanned but she contacted me looking for Arnot’s address, so it seemed fated. I’m glad though.

Dan set about putting the second coat on the feed store floor – and the supplier had sent the wrong paint. We discussed whether to just forget it and move in anyway, but then Dan had another look at the paint, which is acrylic and is a nicer colour and a better consistency than the original one. So he’s painted a small square of it to see how it takes, and it it’s OK, he’ll do the rest. We’ve waited this long – it would be daft not to give it a go.

Dan opened orders for comfrey, so he decided he’d better get in the comfrey garden. The ground's still pretty hard but fine for spreading manure.

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