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Posted: Monday 22 July, 2019

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Monday 15th July

Cloudy and warm, but the sun came out at lunchtime. Made more blackcurrant cordial.

The ponies escaped again – it will be good when the fence is up. They rub on the hurdles and knock them over. Fortunately, they just go as far as the hay bale, but gthey do make a mess.

Tuesday 16th July

Another lovely day. Jane was here to trim Leo’s feet.

Blizzard has a wee discharge, but seems fine. Two weeks to go. Moved the cattle out of Laing’s Field into one of our paddocks – smaller and closer. Annie’s udder  is much improved and is sound.

Making a list of sheep tasks for the weekend; going to wean the lambs, so might as well catch other tasks too.

Wednesday 17th July

Visited Sillyflatt Farm today; very interesting. Ailsa is building a business selling flowers, but also has event space. It’s a much bigger farm than us but diversification is the name of the game.

Picked gooseberries and cucumbers for Clementine’s greengrocers and blackcurrants fro more cordial. The cucumbers are Miniature White – and they are lovely, even to a non-cucumber fan like me.

Thursday 18th July

Made up some flower arrangements for the house; I need to get my biennials and perennials sown.

flowersSweetpeas, double white Cosmos and cornflowers.

We did our first “grown-ups tour” tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed at and I think the visitors did too.

Friday 19th July

Bit of rain today, but much needed. Made cordial – this is the best batch so far. Pushing the last of the juice out through the sieve makes it cloudy. This time I just let it drip and it’s lovely.

Another tour this afternoon – two families with kids. Braw!

Saturday 20th July

Heavy rain showers. Sowed peas in the gaps – we’ve had a poor germination this year of peas and beans. Sowed beetroot in the gaps – likewise. Had to weed the beetroot first – chickweed was rampant!

Dan worked in the barn and we were able to get the first mats re-laid. Looks good. He started to dig out for the kerb; once that’s in we can finish the mats. Love the mats – so easy to clean, and the difference in the noise and temperature is quite noticeable.

One of the problems with our barn is the round telegraph poles that support the structure - we didn't want to cut mats round them so put in edges instead.

Replace meEdges to hold mats.

matsFirst mat relaid.

Sunday 21st July

Lovely morning, but showery in the afternoon / evening.

sheepNiamh and her lambs having a last snack together.

Brought the sheep in and did a whole list of tasks. Urquhart and Teddy had feet done and fluke drench. Tup lambs had fluke drench; the few with dirty bums got wormer as well and a bum trim, then they were turned out with Urquhart and Ted. I can hear them bawling now.  Can’t help feeling sorry for them – the ewes are far less bothered, especially since most of them have at least one ewe lamb.

Ewes were fluke drenched and turned out into a different field; ewe lambs fluke drenched (all bums clean), tags cut and missing tags replaced (except one we missed, doh!). We have ten ewe lambs; two are sold, two we’re keeping and six will be for sale, I think.

The five gimmers were fluke drenched, a missing tag replaced and feet and bums done. Then we took some photos as we’re selling this five – they’re a nice bunch, friendly, calm, healthy and well grown.

Dan managed to get the back and front lawns cut before the rain set in. Next job in the barn is the kerb in the gate.

barnNext step - kerb in gate.



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