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Posted: Monday 29 July, 2019

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Monday 22nd July

Cloudy, damp, warm and windy. Blizzard’s calf was born at 8.30am – a week earlier than we expected, but she’s perfect. I  was lucky enough to be there. She’s dun like her mum, with a little white. She’s been called Rosedean Zenith. We already have a buyer interested, on Skye.

zenithBlizzard and Zenith.

We had a visit from Monifieth Rainbows this evening – lovely group. Gwenna is now an honorary Rainbow (Bryn’s and Honorary Beaver already).

Dan got a few more mats down.

matsMore mats down.

Tuesday 23rd July

A lovey day – great for growing calves. She’s a wee beauty. Blizzard is very pleased. I wonder if she remembers the dead calf last year.

Wednesday 24th July

Picked blackcurrants and made jam and cordial. This is better cordial – I didn’t rub any of the blackcurrants through the sieve, so it’s clear purple.

Had a visit from a local Pony Club group; they’re doing their farming badge, so hopefully we helped them on their way to success.

Thursday 25th July

Planted out leek plants that I had ordered, did a bit of weeding. The polytunnel needs a weed desperately. Tomatoes are starting to ripen, courgettes and peas are coming and cucumbers are in glut. Late strawberries are ripe – they’re lovely. Wish I knew what they were

Looks like Zephyr might be going to Inverurie in a swap for a steer calf. We’re not looking to increase our herd size and we need a companion for Archie, so this should work fine.

zephZephyr at three months.

Friday 26th July

Smokey’s a bit lame; I think he’s pulled something. He looks far too chirpy for it to be laminitis. Have given him some Bute, so hopefully he’ll be OK tomorrow.

Tour this afternoon.

The pigs decided to take the hose to their house.

pigsPigs capture hose.

I’ve lost my sheep movement book. Will need to turn out the classroom now.

Saturday 27th July

Another nice day, with a few showers. We had a couple here to learn about sheep; the scheduled course was full, so I offered to do something just for them. They have just bought a smallholding and are planning to get sheep soon. Our girls behaved very well, as demonstrators.

Sunday 28th July

Unexpectedly lovely day. The forecast was a bit dismal, but it’s been glorious. Dan picked blackcurrants and I made jam; on top of baking for the afternoon’s tour, the kitchen was very, very hot.

Dan did some more work in the barn, putting in the concrete edges and laying more mats. These ones needed to be cut to fit.


barnMore mats.

barn1Concrete edging in place.

Three lovely families for the tour this afternoon.

Managed to get out to Laing’s Field and pull four bags of ragwort. Going to try and do an hour a day until it’s done.

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