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Posted: Monday 4 June, 2018

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Monday 28 May

Clear blue skies and sunny. Rain forecast for Wednesday / Thursday, so I hope it does. Dan was up and out with the paint roller before breakfast, so that’s the walls done – just the windowsill to do now.

I did a bit of housework then cleaned the living room window and washed all the pictures, ready to go back in. We don’t use the room very much – our routine tends to be work, dinner, chat round the dining table and bed.

John harrowed Home. I did some weeding.

Had a good milking and managed to get the bandage off Annie’s foot.

Tuesday 29 May

Cooler and a heavy dew and mist this morning. John started harrowing Laing’s field. 

Blizzard is due to calf today but she doesn’t look like she will anytime soon. Annie looking much better and is almost sound.

Wednesday 30 May

Cool and misty but sun out by lunchtime. Didn’t milk today because Rosie’s calf did a runner and she got stirred up.

Jane was here to trim Bug’s feet – they’re looking really good. Just need to keep them that way now.

Thursday 31 May

Cool, misty and very light rain. Could do with more though. Put the sprinkler on the veg garden this evening. Weeded round the blackcurrants and gooseberries and gave them a drink of comfrey liquid – looking like a good crop.

Washed the WC door – now that the inside is tidied up, the outside had better match.

Cleaned out the meat chick box, prepared the feeders, drinkers and heat lamps.

Friday 1 June

Nice in Carnoustie but torrential rain, hail, thunder and lightening on the way to pick up the meat chicks today. Could have done with a wee light shower heading our way. Twenty-five chicks now in their box with heat, light, feed and water.

Weeded the fruit garden and laid the weed suppressing fabric on once side. Pity there’s no market for ground elder.

Dan took three lovely frames of honey out of one hive – really looking forward to tasting it once it’s extracted.

Frames of honeyThree frames of honey.

Saturday 2 June

Introduction to smallholding course today with a very nice couple that came on the sheep course last month.

Sunday 3 June

Introduction to sheep keeping course today with six great folk. Thoroughly enjoyed it – hope we didn’t put them off. Urquhart was a total star.

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