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Posted: Monday 25 June, 2018

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Monday 18 June

Cool, cloudy and breezy. Vet here to take blood sample from Bug and we decided to start Smokey on steroids to see if it will help his breathing. Dan will pick the drug up tomorrow when he picks up the Heptavac.

Tuesday 19 June

Warmer than yesterday with rain this afternoon. Spent most of the day pottering in the vegetable garden, doing bits and pieces, and mowing the lawn. The back garden looks OK.

Back gardenGarden

Picked some flowers for the house.


Wednesday 20 June

Had a lot of rain overnight which is a good thing. I’m at the Highland Show for the next two days, so I brought Blizzard into one of the paddocks, just in case she calves. Not that there’s any sign of it today.

Spent more time in the veg garden – thinned the beetroot, dug out some ragwort, cut some of the comfrey, emptied the blue bin silage and did some weeding.

Thursday 21 June

Glorious day at the Highland Show with Tara. Caught up with a few friends as well. It’s been a few years since I just had a day at the Show, not volunteering on the RBST stand. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday 22 June

Second day at the Show. With Dan this time, volunteering on the RBST stand.

Saturday 23 June

Another lovely day. Brought the sheep in and vaccinated the lambs with Heptavac, trimmed all the ewes feet (and Urquhart and Teddy) and marked the ewes and ewe lambs with their tag numbers in paint on their backs. Makes ID much easier.

Lamb 55Lamb ID.

As soon as I brought the sheep in, Dan topped the paddock they’d come out of and moved the grass pen for the meat chicks into position. After lunchtime, I moved them out on to grass. Then I cleaned out their box and the redundant feeders and put away the heat lamps. All ready for next year now.

Dan cut down some tree branches so the ponies had a good browse.


Sunday 24 June

Flaming June! 20C today! Let Blizzard back in with the other cattle – still no sign of calving. Starting to get a bit anxious. Could she have slipped it after scanning? I’ve never seen any sign of her coming back into season.

BlizzardSurely there's a calf in there.

Moved the sheep into the paddock by Laing’s Field. Planning to put them out there tomorrow.

Cut the rest of the comfrey, sowed some carrots and did a bit of weeding but it was too hot for me. Forecast is set fair for the next ten days! Hope there’s some rain in that time.

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