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Posted: Monday 29 December, 2008

by Rosemary at 9:34am in Anything goes Comments closed

Do you get the urge to clean out cupboards at this time of year? I always do - I think it's part of starting the new year with a clean sheet (or cupboards, files, drawers and so on).

I was making a shopping list yesterday - the leftovers had run out - and took the opportunity to give the pantry a bit of a tidy and to check the best before dates on dry goods particularly. Hmm. Now I hate wasting food, so anything edible went to the hens, who appreciate most offerings. Yesterday, it was pasta (cooked) and walnuts. Oh, and some mince pies. They were such HAPPY hens - there are a couple who hover around the back door, just in case, but they never keep it to themselves, they call all their mates to share in the bounty.

And Dan has to make bread today to use up the flour that's JUST out of date - so I don't know why he's banging away on his keyboard!

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