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Posted: Monday 29 December, 2008

by Rosemary at 8:57am in Dogs Comments closed

We currently have two cats and two collies, which is really enough, particularly given their health records! However, both Dan and I have a fancy for a terrier. This fancy has never driven us to actively seek one, but if Serendipity was to send one our way, that would be fine.

A couple of years ago, I saw two terriers on the website of the local dog shelter. This was unusual since a) I don't check the site very often and b) the only dogs on it tend to be Staffies (which I know are technically terriers but not what we have in mind).The two terriers had to be homed together and one had a heart condition, which made it ideal for us!! Anyway, by the time I got through, they were spoken for - so Serendipity just dangled a carrot.

On Boxing Day, she did it again. Dan and I were walking our two dogs near home when we were joined by a white terrier - young bitch, Jack Russell type, white with black eye patch. When it became clear that she was unaccompanied and didn't belong to the two local farms, we put the lead on her and took her to the Police station. Not surprisingly, stray dogs are not Her Majesty's Constabulary's top priority over the festive season, so when we suggested that we would hold on to her until the owner turned up, they jumped at that.

She was an absolute sweetie. We resolved not to get attached because she would definitely be reclaimed. Within an hour, we were choosing a name and arguing over whether she'd need a coat for cold days. She didn't chase hens; she submitted to our dogs; she LOVED cats and tried to wash Felix's face, which freaked him a bit since he generally does the face washing in our house. Saturday morning, after she spent the night in the puppy cage in the kitchen, we all went for a walk and the three dogs were good as gold. Of course, when we got back, there was a message on the phone from her real owner.

So Tyra, as she's really called, went home. I was very brave and only sniffled a bit - but I did feel like someone had taken my puppy. I did say to the owner that we'd be happy to keep her for holidays or if he got fed up with her.

Maybe third time lucky, Serendipity.

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