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Posted: Tuesday 9 October, 2007

by Rosemary at 12:19pm in Anything goes 5 comments Comments closed

Winter is coming - I've put the curtains up! I'm on holiday this week (half term) and it's pouring rain today so I won't be in the garden and the empty chicken arks are too wet to paint, so I'm busying myself indoors.

I always take the living room and hall curtains down at Easter - since we have no neighbours, it's nice to have the windows bare and let the light in. But at the October holiday, they go back up. In fat, Dan's Mum and Dad had put up the living room ones at the weekend, so I only had the hall ones to do today. So tonight, it will be all snug, especially if I light the fire. I lit it last night for the first time this autumn and had to fight my way past Cassius and the dogs to get anywhere close. In fact, Cass is curled up on the footstool in front of the hearth NOW (noon) just in case he misses it.

the garden needs the rain - it's been very dry. And another plus is tha Smokey looks quite clean - until he rolls in the new mud, of course.



Tuesday 9 October, 2007 at 6:46pm

Ah I remember those cold cold winters well! Riding around on ma motorbike avoiding the black ice.

A huge benefit to living South, it feels like a Scottish summer here right now!

I still miss Scottieland very much though.


Tuesday 9 October, 2007 at 7:33pm

Actually, it's not that cold and the sun got out this afternoon but it's getting dark now and Cass is insisting in a feline sort of a way that I light the fire. So I will. And once I've finished filing, I'll go and sit by it.


Tuesday 9 October, 2007 at 8:28pm

mud keeps off the flies.


Tuesday 9 October, 2007 at 8:28pm

or flys


Wednesday 10 October, 2007 at 3:01am

I do understand and appreciate natural window lighting. I LOVE to have the morning sun come in threw the window and give a golden glow to the rooms. It gives one a wonderful feeling. I guess you would call it a natural high!

When we lived in Oregon's Willamette Valley, winter always brought a LOT of rain and mud. Here in Central Oregon our ground is very sandy and the water runs through it very fast, and we do not have mud. That is one reason I moved here years ago. I was very much into the horse scene and the weather and ground here is excellent for horses. Great for their lungs and feet.

The Ponderosa Pine trees and Quaking Aspens are preparing for winter. The Pines are loosing a lot of their needles and the Aspens are turning various colors of greens and yellows. Very pretty.

Maybe more pictures are coming, huh??

Have a GREAT vacation!

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