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Posted: Tuesday 9 October, 2007

by Rosemary at 12:25pm in Agriculture 1 comment Comments closed

Dan and I were up in Aberdeenshire this weekend, tentatively looking at property. We'd like some more land and there's not much around here, so we thought we'd look North East. It was very nice and there were lots of suitable properties but it's not home. I'm not sure I'll ever leave Clackmannanshire.

Anyway, while we were there, we visited Huntly, which is a nice town with a lovely square (and a nice tea shop called "The Merry Kettle", if you ever visit). The local Farmers' Market was on and, although small, it had some good stuff including two stall selling local, farm produced butter, cheese and yogurt. We bought some butter (unpasteurised and unsalted), soft cheese and drinking yogurt. It's all lovely!

We also bought some mincemeat muffins, which were OK. As a keen muffin maker, I decided to make some of my own this morning. I must have gone a bit hogwild last year with the mincemneat making, because I've still got a few jars left. This is good, insofar as it combines awfully well with our apples in a crumble or a steamed sponge. The muffins are rather nice - I wish you could have smelled them, too. The kitchen was all warm and spicy. I will have to get my tasters to try them and give a verdict - that's Dan's Mum and Dad and the milkman. If it get's the thumbs up, I'll put the recipe on here.



Wednesday 10 October, 2007 at 2:52am

Tell me, Rosemary; what is their specialty tea?? Come to think of it, what is yours and Dan's?

MUFFINS - Can not wait for the verdict, bet it is good! Then we will get the recipe, huh?

Warm here today. Around 67 degrees. Crazy weather here, too!

Gee, I wish I could zap you up about an extra 100 acres! Your place is adorable!!! You have worked so hard and your accomplishments are great!

We have a drinking yogurt here in the United States. Made by Dannon, although it is NEVER as good as homemade!

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