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Posted: Monday 29 December, 2003

by Dan at 7:38pm in Poultry Comments closed

Yesterday R mentioned to me how exposed the hen's ark was, positioned as it was down by the river. So in the morning I dutifully wheeled it across to the orchard, thinking that the chooks would be able to find it without problem, since they do cover a fair bit of ground most days.

I was wrong. They spent the coldest night we've had for a long time (-6 degrees) out in the garden somewhere away from their snug roost. They seemed none the worse for wear for it this morning, and we even had our first egg for a couple of weeks. To prevent a repeat I made sure that they knew where their hoose was today by cajoling them over with some corn and demonstrably pointing it out to them (a couple of passers-by were most amused, and I've learned my lesson).

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