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Posted: Wednesday 31 December, 2003

by Dan at 3:55pm in Poultry Comments closed

At the moment we only have 4 hens - one of our original 6 died of natural causes in the summer, and another was taken (we think) by a fox in the autumn. This spring we plan to get another 8 to give us an even dozen - there is plenty of demand for the extra eggs, besides which we like having them around.

So we need a bigger house for them. We've got a Forsham Boughton 902A at the moment, and have been extremely pleased with it. Most importantly it's practical and easy to manage - with wheels on one end we move it every day or so to fresh grass. It's also very well built of good quality materials and will last a good number of years. Given all this it's no surprise we're going to get a 904 - basically a bigger version of the 902A. It's more expensive than some of the offerings out there, but at 399 UKP inclusive (we'll get the VAT back too) it's not bad value, and will pay for itself in a year or so with egg money.

All we need to do now is decide which breeds we're going for and then find a local source (if possible).

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