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Posted: Monday 16 April, 2012

by Rosemary at 12:27pm in Sheep Comments closed

We have a gimmer (Nellie) with twins and she doesn't seem to have much milk. She's got a lovely udder, no heat, nice placed teats and her lambs do suckle away. She loves her boys and tucks herself up so that they get latched on easily.

Stringy lambsNellie's lambs

They suckled quick so have definitely had whatever colostrum she had - and they are nice bright lambs (we've nicknamed them "the stringys" as they are quite bid framed but, well, stringy".

Stringys feedingBottle-feeding lambs

We're giving them a top up three times a day. I try to make sure they feed from her first, then give them a wee bottle just to fill them up. I'm hoping that this will work out for all of us  ;D

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