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Monday 16 April, 2012

by Rosemary at 12:45pm in Sheep Comments closed

Well, that's lambing over at Dalmore for another year. The last two ewes and their lambs went out this morning, although Nellie's twins (the Stringys) are still getting a top up from a bottle.

The lambing box is cleaned out and out of date stuff discarded; flock register is completed; lambing pens are down, although the lambing shed has been left bedded just in case the weather turns and I want to bring the littlest lambs in.

It's been an interesting lambing. We had our first C section, plus three other visits from the vet. On the plus side, we have nine healthy ewes and thirteen healthy lambs, so no fatalities. (Thus far wink)

So, six ewes and three gimmers to the tup; all scanned in lamb, the six ewes scanning with three twins and three singles, the gimmers with two singles and one set of twins. Of the thirteen lambs born, we've had four ewe lambs and nine ram lambs. The C section and another of the vet visits was to gimmers with singles - next year, I think I'll not feed the ewes expecting singles (especially if any are first-timers), just hay and a lick.

TBH, I didn't realise how tense I was over lambing time, until it's past. But watching the lambs racing up and down the "hills" in the field makes it all worthwhile. That and the delicious roast lamb we had for dinner yesterday smiley

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