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Posted: Sunday 21 August, 2011

by Rosemary at 10:02am in Renovation Comments closed

The new Dalmore Bothy (so called 'cos it's on the site of the old one) is coming on a treat. Starting at the top, the back face of the roof is slated; the front side will be done this week. The plumber and the sparks have completed their first fixes. The back wall is completely blocked; the two side walls and the front wall are blocked to head height; the brickie's not here this coming week.

The windows are in - they are lovely - white, four panes to match the ones in the original house. The chippie was putting the floor down this morning, but he was only here for a wee while as he's going off to watch his wee lad playing rugby.

IF everyone turns up on time, John and Linda should be in early October. Fingers crossed XX

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