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Posted: Monday 24 October, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:44am in Renovation Comments closed

We've had a lot of very nice tradesmen here over the last 18 months. I've become rather fond of some of them. But now I just want them to be finished and go away. John and Linda, and Dan, are blessed with more patience than me, I'm afraid.

At this stage of the work, all the trades have wee bits to do and they are all very dependent on each other. Still, the septic tank is now fully connected and the pump wired but it can't be commissioned until the plumber's finished and the water's on. The sparks were here yesterday, so the wiring is complete - water heaters, shower, cooker, fridge, cooker hood - and the outside lights are up - but again, it can't be commissioned and tested until the water's on for the shower and water heaters. The plumber has promised to be here on Thursday and finish his stuff.

Then the tiler has  a wee bit to do in the kitchen and scullery, the joiner has some wee bits and pieces to do, the wooden floor in the kitchen and dining area has to be laid, but the joiner has offered to give John a hand to do that. The bedroom needs another coat of paint, then carpets down.

How John and Linda haven't hit the bottle, I don't know smiley

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