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Posted: Monday 24 October, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:54am in Smallholding Comments closed

Do you get the urge, as the days shorten, to batten down the hatches? I do.

There are a few jobs still on this year's list wink but the orchard fencing is the last big one. There's a couple of wee bits of fencing left, a couple of gates to be hung and wood to cut but these are either inside jobs or ones that can be done on the good days we get in winter.

I spent Saturday tidying up the vegetable garden and around the barn - collecting together various building materials and stacking them neatly, ready for spring, I suppose. I found a few tools to return to the potting shed, some wood, two bread baskets and some other bits and pieces. Dan had a trip to the skip with a load of rubbish from the house building, so the box trailer is ready for filling again.

On the whole, it was very satisfying but when I looked at it today, I only scratched the surface smiley. So it's back to the vegetable garden after lunch...

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