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Posted: Tuesday 27 December, 2022

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Monday 19th December

Temperature up to 11C and we have a total thaw. The water is back on everywhere, which is fab.

Tuesday 20th December

Lovely day. Took Gwenna to the vet for a check up; she disgraced us by peeing on the mat, but other than that the vet is very pleased with her progress. She wants to see her two weeks after her meds are finished. However, she has a wee ear infection (left ear) and had drops so her hydro session tomorrow has been rearranged.

Wednesday 21st December

Gwenna had her last Gabapentin today – bit of a milestone. She’ll get Metacam for a week or so yet, while we see how she goes.

Dan’s pulled something lifting water containers. New bale in for the cows today – that’ll do them over Christmas. The ring feeder finally gave up the ghost, so we put the new one in. I’ll try and sell the old one – someone who can weld can probably fix it.

ringfeederOh dear, that's not getting better.

newringfeederBlizzard with the new ring feeder.

Dan also broke the bull by scratching him with the stick.

GreyGrey, the Killer of Buckets, disabled by a scratch.

Thursday 22nd December

We collected our turkey from South Powrie Farm.  I finally made the table centre for Sunday. I’m quite pleased with it. Florists’ wire is amazing!

TablecentreA triumph of florists' wire.

Dan had a call with our GP today; the pain is worse. GP thinks it might be gallstones, so Dan’s to go for a blood test tomorrow and get an appointment for an ultrasound.

Friday 23rd December

Blood tests done; Dan’s still in a lot of pain though. He’s eating no fat to see if that helps.

Saturday 24th December

Thankfully, Dan seems much better today and is pain free. Final preparations for tommorrow - Black Forest trifle and Mocha Roulade made.

Sunday 25th December

We had a lovely Christmas Day until about 8pm. Dan’s brother, wife and two sons were here, along with Dan’s mum and dad. We had a lovely meal – Mark was cooking and despite him forgetting to bring the bag with the carrots, parsnips, stuffing, sausages and bacon – we managed. Ponies’ donated carrots, Linda had bacon in her fridge and we had sausages in the freezer. Sorted.

Then Dan’s pain started again, this time on the left side. He was grey. I told him to phone NHS111 or I’d take him to A&E.  Long story short, he was admitted to Ninewells Hospital late tonight. Seems to be pulmonary but lots of tests to be done now. Thank god for the NHS.

Monday 26th December

Dan has pulmonary embolisms – blood clots in his lungs. Serious if untreated, but he’s in the right place. He was discharged tonight, having been started on anti coagulant medication.

Tuesday 27th December

After a good night’s sleep, Dan is much, much better. The pain has almost gone and he feels fine.  Bit of a scare, but onwards and upwards from here.

Weather-wise, it’s cold and sleety. So stove is lit and we’re going to open our Christmas parcels and have a relax.

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