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Posted: Tuesday 21 June, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:05am in Land Comments closed

The last few days have been warm and wet and rain was forecast for today (correctly), so I set off yesterday to sow grass seed on the areas where the new field drain was laid.

I bought two seed mixes from The Grass Seed Store - one mixed for repairing gateways and one a grazing mix with herbs. I decided to use both and see what the difference is.

Doing Ditch Field was interesting because Breeze and Blizzard wanted to "help" - that involved headbutting the bucket that I had the seed in. Top Field was easier - although I still had "helpers" - Meg, one of our collies and Bertie Kitten - they were much smaller. Bertie was particularly helpful - his technique was to run under the seed as I was throwing it, collect it on his fur, then shake it off somewhere else. Meg was bored and went rabbiting.

The rushes in Top Field are awful but Geordie, from Carnegie Crop Services, is coming this week to see if it's ready to spray. There's a wee bit in Ditch, Orchard and Paddocks but Top is by far the worst. There's not a lot of grass in parts of the field but loads of white clover, especially where it's been wet. The clover must be more wet tolerant. It's fully in flower now and was moving with bees yesterday, in the sun. Good to see.

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