Posted: Sunday 19 June, 2011

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Or Progesterone Releasing Intra-vaginal Devices, to you.

The vet came and inserted them yesterday. The heifers were a bit discombobulated but recovered to eat their feed before going back to the field. We hope that they don't "discover" each others' strings and remove the devices prematurely - that's MY job a week Monday. The vet's advice was to "pull gently but stand to the side as, in heifers particularly, they can suddenly ping out, and you don't want to be hit in the face." Good advice, I think.

Cattle PRID

Our homemade "crush" worked fine. Two other lessons learned - cow shit sticks like glue to the floor, so clean up immediately after it hits it and when you do wash the floor down, lift the restraining rope attached to the crush, just in case it hits you in the face.

Homemade cattle crush

The purpose of the PRID is to stop the oestrus cycle; when it is removed, the cow will be on heat and ready for AI 48 hours later. Exactly 48 hours later. This takes the need to observe heat away and increases the effectiveness of AI. The AI technician is coming at 3pm on Wednesday 29th June - so the PRIDs come out at 3pm on Monday 27th June. Not a minute earlier or later - timing is, apparently, crucial. There will be a second insemination 72 hours after removal, as belt and braces.

If they don't come into season 21 days after AI, the vet will carry out a pregnancy diagnosis 35 days after it, which is Wednesday 3rd August. My life, and theirs, is currently ruled by the diary.

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