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Posted: Monday 16 February, 2004

by Rosemary at 10:01pm in Cats No comments Add your own

Well, Copper seems to be settling in OK. She's a wee bit anxious but she's eating and all her bodily functions seem to be operating just fine.

Meg is officially freaked by the new arrival so she had an extra scoop of "Calm-a-Pet" on her dinner tonight. By next week, she'll be worrying about something else. Tess, I'm pleased to say, still loves Cass best.

I've only really noticed how big Cass is, now we've got Copper. He's quite stocky and weighed in at 5.75kg at his last visit to the vet, although he's certainly not overweight. He seems fine with Copper, although Meg barked at both of them tonight - the cats shot under our bed and obviously found themselves too close for comfort, then sorted themselves out in a flurry of spitting. They seem to have patched up their differences, now, though. Watching them, it looks like Cass is dominant - she won't try to stare him down, but it all seems pretty non-aggressive.

It's a bit like musical beds though. Copper has adopted Cass's old bed in the front hall, while Homer seems to have taken a liking to Copper's wee sheepskin bed. As befits the top cat, Cassius sleeps right in front of the fire and on our bed!

I'll be glad when Copper can go out, because Cass's comings and goings are a bit restricted. And those rabbits need to be kept under control!


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