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Posted: Monday 31 August, 2020

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Monday 24th August

Cool, cloudy and there’s been a lot of rain overnight but the sun came out at lunchtime and the rest of the day was lovely. Busy brain so up at 5am. Managed to crack a few things off the list – finished tidying the pantry, ordered boots for Smokey, went to East PItkerro, the post office and to drop fabric off at the dressmaker.

Dan was busy in the office. I did a few bits and pieces than brought the ponies in. Tara, Rebecca and I rode this evening – Smokey was very good. Hopefully, his boots won’t take too long to come.

The markers for the “arena” came today – this should be fun!

Tuesday 25th August

OMG. Biblical rain and strong winds – but surprisingly warm. Pottered about indoors. Made an apple sponge. And ate it. Not a good diet day.

Wednesday 26th August

Well, at least the rain was coming down vertically today. Cleaned out the two hen houses, mainly because the ventilation panels had been left open yesterday and the bedding was damp and therefore smelly.

Laing's Field is a bit wet.

fieldStanding water in Laing's Field.

The ponies had let themselves into Near Ditch with the sheep – I had given them access to the barn, in case the weather was bad overnight and they took advantage of my good nature. Looking at the amount of hay left in the hay rack, they were on the grass for a good wee while. Fingers crossed for no repercussions.

Rode in the evening, Rebecca and I, Ave and Smokey. Smokey was quite wheezy, so I got off and walked with him for most of the way.

Graham the Joiner started today – all the materials apart from the wall insulation were delivered this morning and Graham removed the stone uprights this afternoon. Oh, the stoor.

byreStone uprights out.


We still have a few swallows left so the door couldn’t be locked until after dark then unlocked first thing in the morning.

Thursday 27th August

Overcast, wee breeze. I’m sure I’m solar powered. Graham the Joiner was here at 8am and started laying the floor; it’s going to have a step or two in the doorway.

floorFloor down in the byre.

Then the rain came on – and it poured. I picked up our daughter this afternoon – she comes  for tea on a Thursday and I cook, which gives Dan an night off. Tonight it was macaroni cheese, followed by melting chocolate risotto. Bit of a carb fest but it was a night for it. Still, forecast to be dry for the next week.

Friday 28th August

Oh, much nicer morning. Cool and breezy, but dry; the sky’s not quite clear but the cloud is light. There’s a few puddles and a wee bit of standing water in the hen pens but a day of dry should see it gone. Of course the strong winds brought down a lot of apples, so we’re selling them and cooking them.

But you can tell the season is changing  - porridge is back on the breakfast menu. Muesli is now off the menu until spring arrives.

This egg made me wince.

eggAn ooyah egg.

Got out and picked more ragwort; just one wee patch to do I think. Then it was tidying up for tomorrow’s tour. It’s the only one we’ll be doing this year and is for one family. Last year, doing three a week, the place was pretty immaculate, for us anyway. Looking round today, it’s got away a bit, so it was all hands to the deck. Or the lawnmower really.

Saturday 29th August

Good day; dry and sunny spells, which was just as well for the tour as we wanted to stay outside for the tea and cakes. Lovely folk – they enjoyed it, we enjoyed it. Result.

Sunday 30th  August

Glorious day. Cool early on but warm and sunny later.

We killed the last of the meat birds this morning, plucked, cleaned and in the freezer. Normally we’d kill one day and clean the next but tomorrow’s a desk day for Dan. I think I like doing it all in one day. These were all hens and the seven averaged 3.2kg.

While Dan started plucking, I cleaned the crates, the feeder and drinker and packed up the pen. All ready for next year! I like to get it all done right away; same when the pigs go – first job when we get back from the abattoir is cleaning out the ark and the water trough – ready for next year J

We have a grey squirrel in the garden.

Lovely dinner of roast pork, apple sauce, cabbage, peas and potatoes. All home produced. Feels good. Having an early night; list done for next week, so want to be up and at it in the morning.





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