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Posted: Monday 7 March, 2022

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Monday 28th February

Quite spring-like today – light showers, light cloud, some sunshine. We have snowdrops, crocus and primroses out now.


crocusA crocus. Which is weird, beacsue I only planted narcisii.

We have a race from the fields to the barn; we have rubber mats on the surface. I noticed yesterday that one of the mats was now in the wee paddock next to the race. How it got there remains a mystery. I know we’ve had gales but the mats are quite heavy and although I could see them being moved a bit, I couldn’t see how one would be blown over the fence. But no one knows anything so I guess it must have been the mat fairies.

matThe work of the mat fairies.

Tuesday 1st March

Happy St David’s Day and we have our first blooming daffodil. It’s been a lovely day but my PMR is flaring so I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. Had a blood test this morning and will hopefully speak with the doc tomorrow about the way forward.

Wednesday 2nd March

Dull today, but not as cold as yesterday. Had a sneaky steroid pill, so feeling better. Spoke to the Dr. I've to see a rheumatologist and stop taking steroids if I can.

Saturday 5th March

Perfect spring day – lots of bulbs coming through and the hellebores are in full flower. Did a bit of tidying in the veg garden and finally sowed some seeds. Started with the important ones – sweet peas in eight varieties of mixes – then tomatoes, cucumber, early cabbage, two varieties of sprouts- and three varieties of leeks. And some parsley and basil. More next week.

Gave Grey and Buster their second Bravoxin and put in Buster’s second tag. Buster has been getting his halter on BEFORE getting his bucket all week. He might not be so obliging tomorrow, after today’s "betrayal".  Managed to stick myself with the needle – boy, did it bleed. If only I could get it to bleed like that for the ONS Covid survey.

Sunday 6th March

Glorious day again, but with a cooler wind than yesterday. I didn’t manage to spend as much time outside as might have been expected. I had a few Festival things to do, in advance of our monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Buster must have a short memory or be very forgiving, because he was as good as gold this morning. Or maybe the hormones emanating from Rora bemused him!!!

Our thumbnail will be the sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, until such times as the dreadful aggression by Russia against a sovereign state is over and Ukraine is free again.

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