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Posted: Thursday 5 September, 2013

by Rosemary at 2:23pm in Poultry Comments closed

Well, we’ve made a start on implementing out new poultry plan.

We have sold our small flock of Crested Cream Legbars – a cockerel and four hens. That has allowed D2 (Dumpy 2) to take over as flock cock in the green house – and very well he’s taken to it too.  :-)

The odds and sods – four young Welsummers and two White Leghorns - have moved to the Scratchers. This has shocked them into laying, it seems – two white eggs yesterday and the day before and one today!!

There are now eighteen Scratchers including two cocks, living in two arks that probably accommodate  eighteen to twenty birds.

I’ve counted the black hens and we have twenty-eight 2011 hatch Black Rocks in the green house, and thirty-seven hens in the brown house. I’m amazed that there’s as many as thirty-seven, but there are (Dan’s counted them too).

The next task is to try to identify which of the thirty-seven are this year’s and which are the oldies. I’m going to double leg ring them – belt and braces. I mean, surely they can’t lose two leg rings?

I’ve also identified a supplier of birds for spring – except I have to take 100 birds and I only want 40, so I’ll be looking for a couple of partners to share the batch (if you're interested please contact me - you'll need to collect them from Carnoustie in the spring sometime).

Before spring, we’ll need to reduce the numbers from the current eighty-three to fifty-eight, so we need to shed twenty-five.

But first, a good rummage around in the brown house at the weekend.  :-)

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