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Posted: Thursday 5 September, 2013

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Storm, I mean.  :-)  We brought our bull down from our rented grazing on the 10th of August, just over 56 days after the cows calved. The two cows and the heifer had Kamars on, so that we could see if he served them. At least that was the idea.

By Sunday 11th, there had been much activity and Annie’s Kamar was definitely broken; I thought Blizzard’s was but Dan said that was just wishful thinking. On Monday 12th, Breeze’s was definitely broken.

Twenty-one days on was the 1st / 2nd September, so we needed to change the Kamars before then. We dithered a bit and changed them on 25th August – and by the 27th, Annie and Blizzard had “lost” theirs. To be honest, we didn’t put them on strictly according to the instructions.

When putting one on for the first time, you’re supposed to put the fixative on the cow’s back AND on the patch. To replace it, you’re supposed to just remove the vial of dye and stick the new Kamar over the old patch.

We did it using our own method – removing the first patch carefully with scissors and putting on a new one; except we only put fixative on the patch.  :-(  I suppose they must write those instructions for a reason.

Anyway, yesterday (2nd September), Annie’s Kamar was broken – but completely shattered! Blizzard’s is broken today, but this might be her first service. Breeze’s is currently intact.

So, we change the Kamars again – according to the instructions this time and we wait for the 22nd and see what happens. Hopefully, nothing. :-)



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