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Posted: Monday 24 March, 2008

by Dan at 6:55pm in Pigs 4 comments Add your own

I can't believe it's over four years since my last post titled 'Pig Preparation'. A lot has changed since then, as the photo on that entry shows compared to this video.

Anyway, we've got 3 Tamworth boars coming at the weekend, 8 weeks old and depending on us to provide them with a nice home. As you can see we've been busy getting the pens ready, painting the ark and making sure they're secure.

Pig preparation from The Accidental Smallholder on Vimeo.

When they arrive we'll get them on camera and follow their progress through the year, to the abattoir, the butcher and eventually our plates.



Monday 24 March, 2008 at 10:09pm

Love the videos. Looking forward to following the pigs progess. Apart from the chickens do you have any other livestock?


Tuesday 25 March, 2008 at 9:56pm

We have three Ryeland ewe hoggs, which will go to the tup in November hopefully. They were trying hard to get in this video by running up and down the fence, but Dan ignored them. We'll be sure to feature them in future screenings!


Wednesday 26 March, 2008 at 10:04pm

Great video. Enjoy seeing your place and hearing your voice too. The pig ark between the two pens is a fantastic idea.


Saturday 29 March, 2008 at 4:42pm

So great to see you and to hear you talk!!! You guy's make me feel exhausted!! Wish we could get rid of the snow so we can get started on clean up from winter. It snowed 4 inches here last night. I know a LOT of people here in the states that could learn a whole bunch from what you Smallholder's are doing there in Scotland! I am passing the word!!! Have a great day!

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