Other Pig Breeds

Oxford Sandy and Black

An old British breed that almost became extinct in 1985. Classed as 'At risk' by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

Lop-eared, with a coat colour ranging from light sand to dark ginger with black blotches
(not spots) and a white blaze, feet and tassel. It is well suited to outdoor production, being hardy, prolific and not prone to sunburn. A weaner should finish at pork weigh at about 22 weeks, producing fine quality, white skinned pork and bacon.

Large White

British but not rare. A large, white-coated pig with prick ears. Originally from Yorkshire, it is widely used in commercial pig breeding as a parent of sows and as a terminal sire.


A red pig, originating from New York and New Jersey. This pig has small prick ears and a thick coat in winter, which it moults in summer making it suitable for outdoor systems. It is docile and a good mother.


A black pig with a white saddle, prick ears, developed in the USA from the British Wessex breed. There are now British Hampshires.


A white, lop-eared pig, originally from Sweden. Although it can be used in outdoor production systems, it is most widely used as foundation stock for hybrid gilts for commercial pig breeding.

Kune Kune

Small, friendly pig from New Zealand. It comes in various colours, leg lengths and ear placements. Often kept as pets, but produces good quality, dark coloured pork if not allowed to get too fat.

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs

Small heavy pigs, with prick ears and a heavy belly. Comes in various colours.


An unusual breed from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland. Unique in having a curly coat. Comes in three types – blonde, red and swallow bellied. Once known as the “lard pig” because it could produce up to 70lites of rendered fat, it is now used for the production of specialist hams and salamis. The meat is well marbled and flavoursome. The fat has higher than usual levels of mono-unsaturated fat - this means it goes rancid less quickly so is good for long curing – and the fat has a healthier balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids than seed oils.


Prick eared, Belgian pig, white with piebald markings. It is a double muscled breed (Belgians must like these) and gives high yields of lean meat but the breed is often associated with the gene for Porcine Stress Syndrome and smallholders rarely use it.

Rosemary Champion

About Rosemary Champion

Rosemary lives on a 12 acre smallholding in Angus, in the east of Scotland, where she keeps Ryeland Sheep, Shetland cattle and assorted poultry. She was destined to be a smallholder from an early age.

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