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Posted: Sunday 15 August, 2010

by Rosemary at 5:36pm in Equines Comments closed

The boys, Smokey and Bugsy, have settled into their new field, well, the track round the field. It hasn't taken them, with some help from the sheep, to get the grass down. We decided not to strim it and risk putting the grass under stress - both ponies have grazing muzzles, just in case. So far, we haven't used them, though.

We've had some heavy rain, but the track seems to be holding up. It's quite sandy, neither pony is shod and they don't really race around. It took me 25 minutes to pick all the poo yesterday - one barrowload. That's one day's worth. Rebecca, our neighbour, picked a week's worth on Friday.

Rebecca's bringing her pony, Sheba, down on Tuesday. It will be nice for the boys to have more company. Sheba's a Fell, so has similar requirements to mine in terms of feed and shelter.

I put the rock salt in the far corner of the field, but I noticed that the ponies were licking the soil by the gate, so I've moved the salt there. I hope to get some gravel round the water trough soon, to protect it from poaching and to help their feet.

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