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Posted: Tuesday 12 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:13am in Poultry Comments closed

Our Hubbards have been outside for a few weeks now, but their run was quite small so Dan built them a new pen in the vegetable garden on Saturday. They aren't the most active poultry anyway but they seem to be enjoying the space, the grass and the dust baths.

We moved the Black Rocks into the big henhouse on Sunday. We lost another chick at the end of last week - a big 'un too. So that's four dead and four still in the sick bay. The ones in the big house now have an outside run and a few were out yesterday, catching a few rays. I'm planning to put the sickly Sids into the broody coop today - they might do better outside.

I wouldn't have the brooding box in the loosebox again. There's too little natural light. Next time it will be in the barn - not as warm, but more light and better ventilation. Moving the box will be fun as it weighs a ton.

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