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Posted: Monday 16 March, 2015

by Rosemary Champion at 5:30pm in Smallholding Comments closed

Well, Mothers' Day for us meant moving some mothers (to be). As planned, we took Breeze, Blizzard, Rosie and Sunny to Astwood. I vaccinated them with Bravoxin first - oh, that vaccinator is just magic - then took the cows individually and the two heifers together. We decided to keep Bonnie and the calf at home because I'm feeding her, so Annie has stayed for company. Vaccinating them was easy - getting Clyde's tag in wasn't and it broke, so he's got one tag in and a blue ear, which will get a tag in once it's healed. Note to self - tag all future calves at 24 hours old. He's not very big but he's stronger than he looks and very wriggly.

Breeze and Mak has a bit of a tussle. We dropped Blizz off and left, assuming that all would be fine as she's Boss cow (and Charlie and Hamish are her sons). Came back with Breeze, all was quiet; let Breeze in and Mak started trying to push her around. His male hormones were obvioulsy kicking in :-) Aye, well, Breeze pulled weight and showed hima thing or two - at one point, she flipped him right over. My the time we arrived with Rosie and Sunny (who both loaded beautifully), Mak was following Breeze around like a calf :-) Be a different story come August, I guess.

We brought the ewe hoggs home, along with our two retirees and Tilda, who's expecting a single lamb. She's now in with the twins and relishing the feed. Of the eight ewe hoggs, three are sold. Depending on the aftermath of lambing, I might sell some or all of the remaining five.

By the time we'd sorted out water troughs and lickes here and at Astwood, that was the morning gone.

In the afternoon, I cleaned out the trailer, scrubbed the cattle's water trough out of the barn and all the feed buckets that I'd used for the cows when they were in. Oh, and popped the halters in the washing machine. They're now neatly tied up and hanging in the feed store. I hate going to get something and finding it hasn't been cleaned since the last use :-(

So that was Mothers' Day. We're planning to have a day off next weekend, in lieu. Assuming none of the sheep decide to lamb, of course :-)

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