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Posted: Saturday 14 March, 2015

by Rosemary Champion at 8:07pm in Smallholding Comments closed

Been a busy day with more to come tomorrow. Dan finished the field shelter roof; Alan, our joiner, put the sheets on last week and today Dan and his dad put on the barge boards and tidied up. The ewes expecting triplets have access to it now but they'll be in sometime during next week and the ponies are going into that paddock. It's not been heavily bedded so won't be awful to muck out.

Dan moved the chookmobile to its new site. I'll get the oldest batch of hens moved into it this week, so I can give the brown house, their current residence, a good clean and replace the perches before our new POL pullets arrive early next month.

I finished weeding the fruit garden. It really got away from me last year; I gave it a cursory weed a couple of months ago but Dan forked some of it over last month and pulled out a lot of ground elder and nettles. I finished it today and gave it a hoe to kill the wee annuals just popping through and it looks great. We store flower pots in there, so I tidied them up as well. There are three new blackcurrant bushes and three new gooseberry bushes to go in shortly. Note to self - keep it tidy this year :-)

I tidied up a weedy bit beside the ditch and put some rubble in sacks (another wee patch tidied up) and then took it all to the skip. The car could almost go by itself!

Tomorrow, at Astwood, we're moving the bull and two bullocks to a new paddock and turning out the cows - taking them to Astwood, to join the boys for a month before they come home to calve. And we'll be bringing the ewe hoggs, the two retired ewes and the gimmer expecting a single home here. Then we'll have a cuppa.

Oh, and Diesel was allowed out for the first time today. And the second. And the third, fourth and fifth. He soon got the idea of scratching at the door and yowling to get in / out. No doubt Bertie will show him how to scrabble at the window soon. Anyway, he's in now and hopefully tired out.

Good day, hope tomorrow is as good.

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