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Posted: Saturday 11 June, 2005

by Dan at 8:14am in TAS Website 3 comments Comments closed

It's always nice to get away, and usually even nicer to get back. Arriving home last night from the @media 2005 conference in London I have to say I had mixed emotions for a change.

Sure it was lovely to see everyone again, and travelling alone just isn't the same, but the conference was such a fantastic experience I was still buzzing when I rolled in at 9.30pm. The conference was about web standards and accessibility - if you're glazing over already that's okay, Rosemary doesn't get it so just lets me witter on about it, but to those of us who work in the industry the rise of the web standards movement is probably the most significant event since the dawn of the web.

The cast there was truly stellar - from North America there was Jeffrey Zeldman, Doug Bowman, Joe Clark, Molly Holzschlag, Derek Featherstone, and from the UK, where we have more than our fair share of prominent industry figures, people like Andy Budd, Andy Clarke and Jeremy Keith.

I met a lot of really nice people, learnt a lot, and probably most importantly for me I discovered a renewed enthusiasm for the web. So expect changes around here soon, I need to practice somewhere!


Andy Budd

Sunday 12 June, 2005 at 1:06am

Glad you enjoyed it.


Sunday 12 June, 2005 at 10:14pm

Nice one, Dan. See you on Accesify soon. mark

Blair Millen

Friday 17 June, 2005 at 9:31pm

Hi Dan,

A little late with the comment, sorry!

Nice to meet you, the only GAWDS member I did meet after all!

Nice site BTW!

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