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Posted: Wednesday 8 June, 2005

by Rosemary at 10:51pm in Anything goes 1 comment Add your own

Hmm. Has anyone been watching the new reality TV show "The Real Good Life"?

Dan and I don't watch much TV, unless it's football, but we thought we might watch this programme. If you haven't seen it, it's in ITV on Tuesday at 8pm. This week was the second of seven programmes. In summary, three families have a year to try this self-sufficiency lark. They have given up work and are digging up thier gardens. The TV company is paying their mortgages for 12 months and paying them an allowance of, I think, £40 per family member for at least part of the year.

I suppose it's telly, so there has to be something to catch the interest. Like extremely irritating characters.

So far, it wouldn't encourage anyone to give it a go. None of them seem to have given it much thought - the first week, all were wailing that they don't know what they are doing. Well, fine. Get a book, surf the net - the truth is out there. Veronica had a crisis of confidence while sowing tomatoes - the instructions are on the packet!

Steve and Lisa are the youngest couple. They have no family. Lisa earned £60k as a merchandiser. What the hell is that? Steve's right up for it but seems to have gone from "new man" to "cave man" - his hunter gatherer instincts have really come to the fore and "poor" Lisa has been left to do the domestic chores (this was previously Steve's job, while Lisa was out doing whatever merchandisers do). Last night, she was so pathetic about her role in this "Good Life" escapade. On the video diary, I can only assume she was either drunk or premenstrual and hope that she was appalled when she saw the recording sober / past her bad week.

The second couple have four children. I can't remember their names but they seem pretty sensible. One of their daughters should consider football as career - if she can kick a ball as hard as she kicked her younger brither, she'll do well. The bloke has done some job converting their garden into a little farmyard. They have hens and pigs, although I suspect there will be tears before the pigs go. (Not that I have room to criticise on that score).

The third family consists of Veronica, her intensely irritating husband and her two apparently bone idle sons. I think Veronica is pretty much up against it, but I think she might be pretty good once she gets going. I know teenagers are weird, but the urge to slap those boys must be pretty strong.

It's actually pretty irresistable viewing for me and I do hope they succeed in what they are trying to do. Actually, I'm probably just a bit jealous....



Thursday 8 September, 2005 at 1:59am

r.e. 'Lisa earned £60k as a merchandiser. What the hell is that?'

it is basicly fills shelves and sets up instore advertising for the product(s)

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