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Posted: Wednesday 6 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 8:46am in Sheep Comments closed

Well, Lucy lambed at 2am this morning - twins, a ewe and a tup lamb, both white, both fine. The tup is bigger; he was born first. The ewe lamb had a leg back, so I lambed her but I think she would have managed anyway; she's a big ewe and it's a small lamb.

Lucy's lambs

Anyway, she loves her lambs, she has plenty milk and both lambs have had a good feed. I'm off to bed now for an hour.

With five lambed, we've got seven lambs, three white ewes, one black ewe, two black tups and one white tup. Jura's not due for two weeks, so I'm hoping for a few decent nights' sleep.

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