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Posted: Tuesday 5 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 4:32pm in Growing Comments closed

It's been another glorious day - windy, though so I'm not sure if I'm sunburned or windburned.

We have 5 beds in the vegetable garden; bed 1 now has garlic, onions (red and brown) and shallots planted. Sweetcorn and leeks will also go in there.

Bed 2 now has potatoes - maincrop Druid and Rooster, with Desiree still to go in. John's been planting them today. The earlies are in the fruit garden.

Bed 3 has some strawberry plants on a temporary basis; Dan and I sowed sunflowers and red clover today. We sowed eight varieties of sunflower - Russian Giant, Taiyo, Velvet Queen, Pastiche, Helianthus p. yellow, Italian White, Sunspot and Yellow Spray. We will try to sell the flowers at the gate as cut flowers; if that doesn't work, we'll use the seeds for the hens and wild birds.

Dan and I weeded Bed 4 today - that's our brassica bed this year. Bed 5 is for peas, beans, carrots, parsnips and beetroot. We'll be starting to sow in these over the next couple of weeks; some stuff's already started in the greenhouse.

It's all go - but working outside in the sunshine is brilliant, specially when Dan's there too.

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