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Posted: Thursday 28 October, 2010

by Rosemary at 8:24pm in Sheep Comments closed

Our first lambs are booked for the abbatoir / butchers on the 15th November. We were happy that there was an abbatoir close to us at Brechin but it closed just after we moved here. So it will be St Andrew's instead. The good thing about St Andrew's, which isn't all that far away, is that there is a butcher on site. I had a chat with him today and he seems a nice bloke and is very helpful. It's costing £40 per lamb for killing, butchering and vacuum packing.

These are the first lambs we've had away - last year, we kept the two tup lambs - one as a tup, and one as a wether. Although I'll be sad in a way to see them go, I'm also looking forward to our first Ryeland lamb. If Leo doesn't get a move on, we might have to make them last two years!!

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