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Posted: Tuesday 26 October, 2010

by Rosemary at 2:29pm in Cattle Comments closed

We live next to Barry Buddon Army camp. It extends to around 950 acres. When the flags are down, the public have access - it is a SSSI and SPA. There are cattle grazing it as well.

I took John and Linda down there today as the tide was out and the flags were down - and they wanted to walk round the beach to Carnoustie. It's a few miles to the start of the beach so I drove them down. As I drove back, I saw the cattle and stopped to watch them.

There were about 15 - 18 cows - Angus x Holstein, I would have thought - each with a calf at foot, and an Aberdeen Angus bull. They came through the trees, grazing as they went, but obviously walking with a purpose. Some stopped to have a look at me, then walked on.

I know this sounds weird - they clearly aren't wild - they have two big yellow tags in their ears, for one thing - but it felt like watching wild animals. It wasn't like watching cattle in a field - it was like buffalo or something. I can't explain it. Maybe just incipient madness.

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