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Posted: Saturday 19 June, 2004

by Rosemary at 10:45pm in Cats Comments closed

To keep you up to date with Homer's progress, he's coming along nicely. He likes to sit in the kitchen, usually under the table, while you work about. If a small piece of cheese should not be required by the cook then Homer will take care of it. I'm not advocating feeding cats mountains of cheese, by the way, but food has been a successful way to Homer's heart!

Tonight I was on the phone to my sister. I sat in the front hall, with Homer and Cassius. It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the two, in certain circumstances. Cass popped out through the cat flap - except it wasn't Cass, it was Homer. Casual as you like, the boy's gone for a wander round the garden! He must have been out for at least half an hour and probably longer - when I next saw him, he was appearing round the greenhouse and coming home.

Homer has also taken to clearing up Cass's breakfast if Cass is too full of fresh bunny to manage his Whiskas. I have to confess that it is Cass's habit to have his breakfast on the kitchen table - I do clean it before we use it. Anyway, Cass was eating his breakfast, on the table, when Homer came through, having finished his and jumped on the table to finish Cass's. I don't know which of the cats was more surprised. Needless to say, Homer jumped straight of the table again.

Yesterday, I fed Copper and Homer their Whiskas, then took Cass's into the garden to call him in. I could see him by the beech hedge so I walked down, to find he had a fresh kill. As I looked from my little spoonful of Whiskas to his fat furry bunny, I knew I couldn't compete and gave the Whiskas to the dogs!

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