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Posted: Sunday 20 June, 2004

by Dan at 9:19am in Growing Comments closed

This is the first season I've grown early varieities of peas in addition to our maincrop favourite Greenshaft. On 21st February I sowed 2 rows of Douce Provence and 3 of Pilot.

Despite some early damage by weevils it's been a success, and we started picking and eating the Douce Provence last week, 16 weeks after sowing. The Douce Provence are low growing, at a height of 2-3 feet, while the Pilot are about twice that height. With all peas it's important to start picking as early as possible and regularly, to encourage further flowering and prolonged cropping, even is this means the peas themselves are on the small side - but they just taste all the sweeter for it.

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